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Oakleigh State School

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I am looking for someone who can work within our Young Innovator Program - running during Term 2 of 2019 in the months from April to June. Specifically - I am looking for a couple of people to support some groups of students entering the Young ICT Explorers Competition and would like to connect with 1-3 people who can assist with this. The projects are creative, diverse and hopefully real-world. We have great equipment. We have had awesome experiences in this competition and want to continue. The use of micro-bits is something that interests us.

Project details
Name:Young ICT Explorers - Support, Mentoring, Coaching
Status: Unconnected
Age range:9 to 12 years
Equipment:A wide range of equipment
Level of student experience:I have worked with a couple of CodeTheFuture volunteers already and have been running our Young Innovator Program for the last 4 years.
Time frame:Weekly
Number of students:several groups of 2-4 kids
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School details

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School name: Oakleigh State School
School type: Primary
Location: Buxton Street Ashgrove QLD 4060 Australia

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nicola flanagan

Educator at Oakleigh State School