1 May 2019

Dear colleague,

After helping provide 3,396 children with access to creative and inspiring coding education, Code the Future, as it was originally known has now closed. Going forward, it will become part of one of Australia's leading professional association for school teachers looking to implement digital technologies and curiculum.

Code the Future was established as part of a start-up weekend hackathon in Melbourne, Australia on November 2, 2014. From that day forward, the organisation became a vehicle for the education and technology communities to meet, collaborate, think, support one and another, and most importantly, teach children how to code.

Code the Future was built on the premise that every child should learn to code. When we first started, coding education was not part of the national agenda or the national curriculum. Today it is.

As a community, we achieved A LOT:

Code the Future enabled many unique learning opportunities. Our two favourites were when an American software engineer Skype called into a remote Australian 'School of the Air' to talk to kids across rural Australia, and when a school in Melbourne created a website to sell honey from their school bee-hive. A textbook can't teach you that.

One of the things we are most proud of is the fact that Code the Future was 100% free. No one paid, and no one got paid. This was made possible because of our enormous army of volunteers, but also through financial donations and grants, which total no more than $40K AUD since November 2014.

To the many 1,000s of amazing volunteers, we would like to say thank you. For their financial contributions, we would also like to thank Ausmed, Saltworth, Urban, Telematics and PwC.

The achievements outlined above were only possible because of the many supporters Code the Future has. Be they silent achievers or strong public advocates. We would like to thank the many 1,000s of people who helped us collectively realise Code the Future's vision, including these very special people:

Nigel Sheridan-Smith, John Knight, Gemma Sherwood, Cheryl May, Hugh Middleton, Aidan Partington, Jarod Guthrie, Tanim Mahmud, Farhan Bava, Sarah Lorger, Melinda Cashen, Hamish Curry, Alex Scott, Analie Macarone, Ben Dechrai, Chelsea Cobb, Chris Hexton, Michael Bird, George Glover, Irene Anderson, Dan Siepen, Rebecca Green, Dairne Poole, David Weber, Marcelo Cummins and Aleks Petkovic.

There is still a lot of work to do. But, if we've learned one thing from Code the Future, it's that a great community can achieve great things when vision, timing and execution are aligned.

To all of the people who have helped Code the Future achieve its vision, we say thank you. Our community should feel proud about what we have collectively achieved.

Warm regards,

Bec and Will